LEGOLAND® Holidays Deutschland relies on Pacific as its Reservation System

Günzburg/Nuremberg, 18 December 2013 – In spring of 2013, the LEGOLAND® Deutschland Freizeitpark GmbH set up a new corporation as its own distribution channel for package tours to the LEGOLAND Deutschland resort. To do so, the new LEGOLAND Holidays Deutschland GmbH uses Pacific by ISO Travel Solutions from Nuremberg as its central reservation system.

LEGOLAND Deutschland has been offering package tours to the theme park through an external partner since 2002. This year, the company from Günzburg relies on LEGOLAND Holidays as its own resource, with Pacific, the tour operator system of the ISO Travel Solutions, as an essential component. LEGOLAND Holidays can now offer all services – from the booking to the departure – from a single source to best serve its customers. The customers can thus carry out several bookings in one integrated workflow: from the admission ticket for the park to the accommodation to the various amenities. These include parking tickets or entrance cards to other attractions and museums in the vicinity of Günzburg.

For this, the web-based reservation system Pacific serves as the core module. It connects the services and the distribution channels: Parking tickets, for example, can be acquired from the ticketing system Galaxy, and the park’s own accommodations can be booked through the Fidelio hotel management system. Pacific can link all these external services to the internal ones. They can then be sold flexibly as a dynamic package in-house in the call center as well as online to end customers by the connected Internet Booking Engine for. In this case, customers can print out the tickets and vouchers themselves. The introduction of Pacific at LEGOLAND Holidays has extensively automated, and thus optimized, all these processes and procedures.

“Thanks to ISO’s Pacific, we can now sell our entire range of products, along with various amenities, online to our end customers. External as well as internal processes are fully supported, ensuring a high level of automation and efficiency. Since introducing the system, we were able to increase our sales by 10 percent. We are particularly pleased with the fact that ISO and Pacific have helped us eliminate previous technical issues in the interaction of connected systems, even in view of the simultaneously increasing volumes. We are thoroughly satisfied with choosing ISO and Pacific and are planning to expand both our cooperation with ISO and the use of Pacific,” says Hans Aksel Pedersen, Managing Director of LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort.

“We already had an older reservation system for LEGOLAND at Günzburg some years ago. Now that the LEGOLAND Holidays Deutschland GmbH has been established under the leadership of the British Merlin Entertainments Group, we are pleased even more that ISO is once again supplying the central reservation system. Our new Pacific system is ideal for LEGOLAND’s business purposes because it allows the dynamic packaging and selling of both internal and external services as well as communicating with all connected systems. The introduction went smoothly and we are proud of the project’s successful conclusion. We look forward to expanding the cooperation with LEGOLAND in the future”, says Markus Kretschmer, Managing Director of ISO Travel Solutions.

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