ÖRBV recommends Pacific by ISO Travel Solutions to its members

The Austrian Travel Agency Counseling Association (ÖRBV) and ISO Travel Solutions have concluded a master agreement. The quintessence of the agreement is that ÖRBV will recommend ISO’s Pacific software to its members, who will also receive special conditions. Also part of the contract: new modules will be added to Pacific to meet the specific needs of the ÖRBV’s members.

The ÖRBV (Austrian Travel Agency Counseling Association) has entered into a master agreement with ISO Travel Solutions . The influential association of Austrian tourism companies includes travel agencies, tour operators and incoming service providers.

The main points of the agreement between the association and the tourism IT provider are: The ÖRBV will in future recommend ISO’s tour operator system Pacific to its member as a reference system. ÖRBV affiliates will receive Pacific at discounted rates.
To address the special needs of the association’s members, ISO will add new modules to its reservation system, for example for bus tour operators, and will optimize its Group Tour module. The modular approach of the Java-based Dynamic Travel Components makes Pacific software easily expandable – something that was planned from the very start of Pacific’s development. This also makes the system highly innovative and thus a safe investment. Another part of the master agreement, which was concluded at the turn of the year, are joint marketing campaigns of the ÖRBV and ISO Travel Solutions.

Gregor Kadanka, Chairman of the ÖRBV, explains why entering into this master agreement with ISO made sense: “I can highly recommend Pacific to the members of the ÖRBV. ISO Travel Solutions is a great company with many years of experience in IT for tourism. On-site service is ensured through ISO’s Vienna office, whose staff of support and sales personnel as well as developers has recently grown. The system itself is another reason: Pacific is a flexible and highly modern tour operator system, and its design can meet the specific needs of the Austrian tourism companies.”

Wolfgang Parik, Branch Manager of ISO Travel Solutions in Austria: “We are very happy about the master agreement with the ÖRBV. This will allow us to further increase our market share in Austria. And it confirms that our decision to go for a modular approach in the development of Pacific some years ago was right – we have correctly interpreted the future needs of modern tourism companies. The first Pacific installations at club members as a result of this agreement are expected in 2013.”

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