Legal Entity Check & Enrichment of B2B Master Data in SAP®

Your needs

  • checking the legal entity of your SAP business partners
  • determining and transferring the correct address
  • enriching business data / marketing data according into SAP
  • better evaluations and market segmentation
  • strategic business decisions based on complete business partner data
  • meeting the new requirements within the framework of AnaCredit

Our solution

Marlin Content (MCT) connects different providers directly to SAP® ERP and CRM systems. The integrated SAP add-on identifies and enriches master records. The information used herein is business data from leading information providers such as Bisnode, Pitney Bowes or beDirect. MCT uses the partners' web services to make content available in SAP. The SAP user checks whether the company exists. The correct legal entity is identified by a hit list. When transferring the legal entity, a data query is started at the information provider.

The following field information can be enriched for example with: Tax number, group ID, content ID, industry code, business form, company name, address (street, postal code, city), geodata, parent company, homepage, date of foundation, number of employees, activity code, number of subsidiaries, company status, telephone number, annual turnover, turnover tax ID, managing director, commercial register, fax number.

An update service can also be used. Enriched master records are automatically again queried in a batch job. The previously transmitted data is compared with the current data. The product-own customizing defines whether data enhancement can be automated or must be released manually. A processing monitor is available for the manual approval of the field contents.


  • matching a master record to determine the content ID
  • identifying the correct legal entity
  • data enriching for various field contents
  • settings are specific to objects, providers and countries
  • job for automated querying
  • processing of updates of the providers
  • monitor for manual editing and approving field changes
  • creating internal ISO documents for each process
  • AnaCredit providing reportable data

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