Archiving of SAP Data

The performance of your SAP is moderate, the base keeps increasing the memory?

In this case not even new indexes can help you! Only a data reduction by means of archiving can help you minimize the system load of database and application servers.

Data archiving without a content management system

Data archiving in SAP is possible without a content management system – it can be done at file path level!
In order to find “worthwhile objects” and reduction potentials, the data is analyzed and the results subdivided into starting points:

Data Analysis

  • data avoidance
  • system cleanup or deletions (one-time / ongoing)
  • data archiving of transaction data / master data
  • data Quality Management

Concept Development

  • designing a procedure (clarification and coordination)
  • customizing
  • connecting to an existing archiving system

Project Implementation

  • cleaning up or deleting systems
  • carrying out a first productive archiving (initial runs to status quo)
  • automating the data archiving
  • creating documentation and operating manual

Your benefits

  • lower overall costs
  • better system performance
  • higher system availability
  • accelerated database operations
  • smaller data volume
  • slower increase in costs
  • lower storage and maintenance costs
  • shorter backup times
  • reduced IT resources
  • revision-proof storage of business data (long-term archiving)

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