Support of complex systems

Whether projects are in the public sector or the project is the operation of an application, ISO Public Services has extensive knowledge and professional expertise. Our employees and teams are very familiar with complex systems. Among other, these are DMZ structures, heterogenenous environments, high-availability solutions and virtualization technologies.

We support the entire application lifecycle: starting from the design of automated deployment environments, to the installation of the applications, to the complete operation – including deployment of upgrades, monitoring and error management, and handling/correction.

Our portfolio includes the handling of middleware products for JEE based applications with multiple layers, for example, Oracle Fusion Middleware, including Weblogic Application Server, Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, SOA Suite, Webcenter, Apache and Tomcat. On top of that, we offer years of experience with technology and products for continuous integration, deployment and delivery. All of this is rounded out by a wide wealth of experience in programming skills in script languages such as VB.Net, VBScript, VBA, PowerShell, PHP, CSS, HTML and UNIX Shell.

Application monitoring

We build project specific, configured monitoring environments based on state of the art tools and solutions, such as ELK/Elastic stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats). Depending on the individual project needs, our developers work with modern tools like Dynatrace, Catchpoint, Oracle Cloud Control and Grafana.

On request, we will also assume the coordination of change requests in operation and offer 2nd and 3rd level support to the Public Sector.

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