Software development with modern methods

Software development is creative work. This creative aspect assumes that our software developers are in a position to implement highly complex requirements in agile projects independently. The craftsmanship perspective requires a wide-ranging knowledge base that is expanded with practical experience.

We consider it our essential responsibility to allow our software developers to organize their work independently and to actively support the continuous expansion of their technical expertise. This preparation starts with internal projects, when new employees begin working on software products with agile methods and modern technologies to prepare for their deployment at our customer’s premises. We use code katas as a “playground” to train methodologies like TDD and pair programming.

Experience in modern software development

  • Jakarta EE is one of our core competences. We encourage every developer to acquire relevant Oracle certificates. Of course, we also have extensive knowledge in other common platforms, for example, .NET.
  • Current frontend technologies, Angular for example, are used. Needless to say, we consider all relevant requirements regarding accessibility.
  • Common Unit testing frameworks like JUnit and Jasmine are employed as well.
  • We also support our customers’ projects by using various architectural approaches, including modern concepts like micro services with DC/OS, Kubernetes, PACT, Kafka and Cassandra.
  • We are well versed in CI/CD technologies that are used in modern projects, for example, Jenkins or Maven.
  • We use Drools and Camunda to support the professional experts with the intuitive implementation of their requirements.

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