From risk to requirements management

Modern software development projects are based on a wide range of development models. We have profound expertise with all the common models, from the V-Model XT to completely implemented agile projects, but also all kinds of hybrid forms.

Regarding our approach, we are not dogmatic about any of the models and we have a pragmatic understanding of the specific requirements and circumstances our customer projects possess.

We support our customers in all facets of project management, not just in the classical role of a project manager, but also in risk management, quality management, test management and requirements management.

We support both agile projects and projects in the agile transformation through our agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners. Their comprehensive knowledge of methods combined with our customers’ innovative ideas, assure that our customers benefit the most from the agile methods.

Agile Coaching

This is an activity that takes place at all levels of the project. This not only refers to the support of the stakeholders and the project managers, but also to the cooperation with all of the project participants to develop the best working methods for the project. There is no artificial separation between agile coaches and scrum masters. Our scrum masters consider “thinking outside the box”, looking beyond their teams and placing an emphasis on the project as a whole.

As a product owner we assume different roles: business strategist, product designer, market analyst, user advocate or project manager. Depending on the employee’s role at any given moment, they speak the language of their counterpart. Our product owners mediate between the stakeholders, the development team and other project participants while collaboratively supporting the development team with the implementation requirements.

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