The brains of the airport

Did you know that international air traffic is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world? Airports In particular are facing immense challenges. Our airport management solutions ensure that airports around the world run smoothly – even at capacity limits.

Operating this infrastructure requires a comprehensive billing solution. Whether airport management, baggage logistics, or air traffic control – air travel has many down-to-earth facets that need to be taken into account. An exciting task for ambitious developers. Join our team.

Methods and technologies

  • Software Development (SCRUM, KANBAN, Agile)
  • Clean Code Development’s practices
  • Issue tracking: Jira
  • Documentation/Wiki: Confluence
  • Languages: Java (JavaEE/JavaSE), Groovy, Ruby, Javascript
  • Frameworks: Vaadin, Tapestry, Hibernate
  • Testing: Junit, Selenium
  • Build: Maven, Jenkins, Nexus
  • Vagrant and VirtualBox for development and testing
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows
  • Application Server: WildFly
  • Databases: Oracle, PostGreSQL


After more than 13 years in sales for SAP consulting services, airport management was an opportunity for me to return to a topic I’ve always been passionate about: airports. International projects,...

Employee statement

...a new standard software package and a team with a fervor for the industry were exactly the challenge I was looking for. The short distances across all hierarchical levels provide our team with ideal conditions for further development of our products – functionally as well as technologically – and to implement even the most demanding projects. 

Your contact person
Barbara Nägerl-Amaro
ISO Software Systeme GmbH
Eichendorffstrasse 33
90491 Nuremberg

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