A wide variety of technologies in use worldwide

More than 20 years of experience and customers in 30 countries all over the globe – ISO is an industry expert for the travel and tourism industry and as such we have a large-scale portfolio and offer modern and innovative software solutions for the tourism industry.

We develop software for small special interest suppliers as well as major tourism groups. Consequently, the requirements and perspectives vary profoundly – yet we cater to them all with our large, dynamic team. Flat hierarchies and the ability to work independently help us with the tasks. We count on your expertise.

Methods and technologies

  • Development with Eclipse/IntelliJ Idea
  • Java/Java EE
  • Modern web technologies
  • Web services
  • Wildfly Application Server, Spring Boot
  • Automated quality management
  • (Backend and Frontend)
  • Continuous Integration
  • BigData Solutions / Search Engines
  • Software architecture, design


Besides interesting projects and customer, the great work atmosphere is the most important aspect for me. My team colleagues made my start in the ISO significantly easier. Since German is not my mother tongue,...

Employee statement

...this was really important to me. And the advanced trainings helped me to quickly learn the ropes. 


As an employee who has worked a long time at ISO, I can recommend ISO Travel Solution because of the flat hierarchies and extensive portfolio. If you like taking matters into your own hands...

Employee statement

...and accepting responsibility for yourself and others, you always have the chance to reposition yourself and actively co-create. As an employee, I was able to gain both expertise and responsibility and was able to work in rather unusual projects. 

Essentially, I always had the impression that my ideas were considered in the decisions of my superior and my experience was valued. Last but not least, the team: Of course, it has changed over the years, but a feeling of team spirit remains –a good basis for working together as a team. 

Your contact person
Barbara Nägerl-Amaro
ISO Software Systeme GmbH
Eichendorffstrasse 33
90491 Nuremberg

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