ISO Recruiting Consultants achieve highest sales growth of German staffing and recruiting providers

In its annual study "Growth Champions", the news magazine Focus identifies companies with the strongest growth in sales. The ISO Recruiting Consultants ranks first within its industry – Human Resources – and is among the Top 10 in the overall ranking of all 500 companies considered.

The top 500 growth champions lists companies that have achieved an annual turnover of at least 100,000 euros in 2013 and at least 1.8 million euros in 2016. With an average yearly turnover increase of more than 200 percent in the respective period, ISO Recruiting Consultants ranks tenth. In the area of personnel service providers and recruitment agencies, this increase even puts them in the top position.

ISO Recruiting Consultants achieve a high success rate in the placement of IT specialists. Dennis Stevens, authorized signatory of ISO Recruiting Consultants, explains that this success is based on three cornerstones: the intensive engagement of consultants with the client companies and their projects, the close cooperation with their department heads, and the comprehensive assessment of the candidates. This is made possible by a broad industry and IT know-how, which is constantly being expanded, not least through close communication with the departments of the ISO-Gruppe.

This close proximity to the target group ensures a high level of expertise, which lets the consultants find not a selection of “potentials” for an advertised vacancy but one suitable candidate. “This is our – admittedly high – aspiration: only one candidate per vacancy. And the top hit rates reinforce us in our approach”, says Stevens.

ISO Recruiting Consultants thus reaffirm their excellent result in the Focus survey for Germany's best personnel service providers.

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