ISO Recruiting Consultants among Germany's best staffing and recruiting providers

Nuremberg – The ISO Recruiting Consultants is one of the best German providers of staffing and recruiting services. Such are the results of a recent study conducted by the market research company Statista on behalf of the German magazine Focus Business.

As part of the study, more than 3,300 personnel managers and candidates evaluated the ISO career specialists among more than 6,600 personnel service providers in Germany.

For this, Statista divided the personnel service providers into four categories: "Executive Search", "Professional Search", "Freelancer Agency" and "Interim Staffing". ISO Recruiting Consultants was listed as a top service provider in the categories Professional Search and Freelancer Agency.

The participants could list up to ten HR service providers they know. For this they were handed a list of 1,700 personnel service providers and could even add more themselves. School grades could then be awarded in various categories for the known providers. In the evaluation, Statista considered both the frequency of being mentioned and the grades given for the various assessment fields. Companies that received a minimum number of mentions as well as a minimum score across all evaluation areas received an award.

"We are very pleased to have been selected by our customers, personnel managers as well as candidates as one of the best personnel service providers in Germany in two out of four categories. This is a great award and likewise an incentive for us to continue along the chosen path", explains Dennis Stevens, Managing Director ISO Recruiting Consultants.