Three new Revenue Accounting customers for the ISO Software Systeme

Three airlines have decided to go with SKYfly Revenue, ISOs Revenue Accounting System for Airlines, in the period from May – September 2020

Despite the current turbulence in the airline sector, ISO Software Systeme continues to be successful in the market and is pleased that their three new customers will be working with the Revenue Accounting System SKYfly Revenue in the future. ISO Software Systeme’s Revenue Accounting Partner, Kronos which is based in Miami, will support us with all three new customers.

Calm Air - Canada

Calm Air – “born in the north” – was founded in 1960. Based in Thompson, Manitoba, Calm Air serves 15 destinations in Northern Manitoba and Nunavut. The northern most destination is Naujaat (translated: “place where the Sea Gulls nest”) beyond the polar circle. The eccentric location, not easily accessible to a large extent which makes Calm Air “system-relevant” and allows airline business to continue in times when other airlines are grounded.

Aeromar - Mexico

Aeromar is Mexico’s oldest airline with approximately 750,000 passengers per year and completely in private hands. Aeromar is a full-service airline, including luggage, drinks and meals. The airline is a United Airlines partner and flies destinations exclusively within Mexico.

Air Choice One - USA

Air Choice One is a low-cost carrier from St. Louis, Missouri. The airline connects cities in Midwestern USA, and also flies to the metropolitan area of Atlanta among other locations. The routes are obviously a niche, and Air Choice One is permitted to fly despite the global Covid-19 airline crisis. They were even allowed to start new projects, like the introduction of ISO Software Systeme’s SKYfly Revenue.

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