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The PCI DSS-certified technology company traffics has been known for its innovative solutions in the tourism industry since 1999 and has been operating its own full CRS system for tourism since 2004. Some 10, 000 customers make the Berlin-based company one of the leading suppliers of reservation, consulting and booking systems. In 2011, traffics developed the HeliView function, which allows interactive research on travel destinations from a helicopter perspective. The HeliView project won the M-Day App Awards in 2013 and the Best Practice Awards from the Travel Industry Club in 2012. At the ITB, HeliView received the international movie award “Das goldene Stadttor” in the category Innovation. Furthermore, HeliView won the App Star 2012 from PC Welt and the award for Best Innovations 2012 from the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb (VIR).

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10249 Berlin
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