Benefit from data-driven marketing – in particular data-driven advertising – by personalizing your message directly to your customer. A generic, one-size-fits-all marketing approach no longer brings a high return on investment. This personalized real-time marketing strategy is responsible for driving ROIs for marketers thus reaching your target market faster.

Precisely and the ISO-Gruppe have joined forces to bring our customers into the age of digital transformation with the EngageOne® Video.

Grow your sales by interacting directly with your customer

  • Offer Customer Service
  • Explain bills and statements
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Highlight special offers
  • Sell extended services and offerings

Generate individualized videos based on real-time customer data, gather variables from your customer database or browsers – such as current location, weather or season and previous known preferences. Every video is different, for example, if your customer revisits the video, they will see an updated and current date as well as the actual weather forecast. The ability to weave data from external sources to create new interactive videos to address and interact with the customer are endless.

Customers are not only educated and informed, they are inspired by the ability to interact and select the topics that interest them. Unlike generalized videos, EngageOne® Video is personalized and interactive – specifically tailored to each viewer.

Contact us to discuss how you can increase sales without increasing your workforce.

See our demos for various purposes

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