Engaging with personalized interactive videos

Have you considered the abundant possibilities to cross-sell? The advantage of data-driven, dynamic marketing is to offer services and opportunities based on the passengers’ previous behavior.

The ISO-Gruppe, a certified NDC provider, is dedicated to digital transformation by expanding its products to include the EngageOne® Video – a new technology that lets you captivate your customers through interactive, data-driven, real-time video experiences

Make air travel an experience for your passengers

  • Generate excitement via personalized messages and options
  • Make the passenger feel in control of their choices
  • Inspire your customer and create the desire for extra services

For example, athletes participating in a surfing competition might want to book bulky baggage in advance. The Smith family, travelling with their two toddlers, might want to have a parking space close to the airport or take advantage of reduced meal deals at their next layover. How about offering the busy executive the chance of reserving lounge space or pre-ordering special meals easily. The options are endless!

Customer involvement for measurably more ancillary sales

According to the latest survey, mobile video consumption is estimated to grow by 900% by 2021. Further, the retention rate among customers who have viewed these videos have increase by 12%. Making the customer experience exciting via EngageOne® Video and part of your offering is definitely worth exploring.

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