Successful fundraising

The ISO-Gruppe is dedicated to digital transformation and as such present EngageOne® Video – a new technology that lets you captivate and inform your donors through interactive, data-driven, real-time video experiences.

Consider reaping the benefits of data-driven marketing and especially data-driven advertising by personalizing your message directly to the donor. A generic, one-size-fits-all marketing approach no longer brings a high return on investment. Which is a good reason to turn to a proven new approach that encourages email open rates by an impressive 19%.

Grow your fundraising by interacting directly with the donor

  • Encourage yearly donations
  • Simplify the fundraising marketing mailings
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Highlight special trends or current tragedies
  • Involve the donors to actively interact with your organization
  • Digitalized online donation process

Imagine a video that captivates your mission that is dedicated to serving your cause while informing your donors what their donations have brought about. Visualizing the good that comes from their generous donations will not only brighten their day, but also encourage future donations to a good cause. Video can awaken emotions like no other medium and donors experience first-hand how their donations are improving lives.

Direct interaction for measurably more successful campaigns

According to recent polls, levels of video consumption are expected to grow by 900% by 2021. Educate, inform, and inspire the recipient to interact and select the topics that interest them. Awaken an emotional response to your organization and cause, by visualizing the situation whether it is a tragedy, disability or catastrophe. The key strategy of EngageOne® Video is to encourage the interaction and willingness to support your cause.

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