Engage your customers

Did you know that you could experience up to 12% more viewer engagement by using personalized videos in comparison to traditional videos? A personalized approach brings a higher return of investment and customer engagement.

The ISO-Gruppe wants to boost your business, help you reduce costs and improve efficiencies through data driven real-time customer experience. Together with Precisely, we bring you the EngageOne® Video – a new technology that lets you captivate your customers through interactive, data-driven, real-time video experiences

Boost your business with customer engagement

  • Drive sales volume and velocity
  • Service customers for less
  • Increase cross-selling and up-selling
  • Improve customer retention

Target an emotional response from your customer when presenting all the wonderful options they can experience and book via your website. Whether it is a choosing an upgrade, adding “extras” to their cruise package, booking either a culinary or spa experience at their travel destination, the interactive presentation caters individually to your customer. All of this while making the experience simple and stress free.

Direct interaction for measurably more successful tourism campaigns

This interactive and powerful medium is an effective way to communicate, with an astonishing 98% positive customer feedback. Imagine engaging your customers individually with their own personalized video journey. This places them in the driver’s seat and lets them decide what they want to engage in at their leisure.

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