Public Administration

Constant pressure on costs, shrinking administrative budgets and increasingly scarce resources are just some of the challenges public sectors face. The big challenge therefore is achieving simplified and automated structures along with professional processes with IT systems in a cost-effective manner. We have been working as an IT service provider in public administration for many years, supporting our customers in implementing various projects.

IT services in the public sector exemplified: The Federal Employment Agency

As an IT system vendor we support the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) – Germany’s largest government agency – with our extensive software know-how.

The main duties of the BA are job placement and career counseling along with occupational research as well as employment market observation and reporting. The BA is also responsible for compensations for reduced income (e.g., unemployment benefit, insolvency payments, short-time allowance), active employment promotion (benefits to retain and create workplaces, promotion of further training, start-up financing, employment subsidy), promotion of vocational training, child benefit and much more.

Within these various roles and responsibilities we are part of both internal procedures (personal data management, determining unemployment figures) and customer processes (career counseling, child benefit).

On site we support primarily with this expertise:

  • Programming – C, C++, VB, .NET, Java, EJB, JEE, JSF
  • Data bases – Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • Conceptual work and operational support
  • SAP Operation

We also support the internal ITIL processes with our ITIL-certified employees.

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