ISO Travel Solutions presents groundbreaking "FastSearch"

ISO FastSearch is an innovative technology for the search and price calculation of travel offers. It offers tour operators new search options over large amounts of data, fast response times and at the same time optimizes costs and scalability of the IT used. The solution is available now.

Fast Search how it works

ISO FastSearch is a combined hardware and software solution that leverages the extreme computing power of today's AI system infrastructures. On this basis, ISO Travel Solutions GmbH (ISO) has developed a technology that will play a decisive role in the cost-effective provision of the most innovative search functions for end customers and agencies in the future.

ISO FastSearch enables tour operators to provide a complete picture of their entire travel distribution offering. The most relevant search results for the individual customer are calculated in real-time with maximum price accuracy and availability. Search results are delivered to internal and external distribution systems at market leading speeds.

At the same time, the hardware cost of this solution is significantly lower than any other caching solution on the market today. Thanks to its innovative technology, ISO FastSearch requires significantly less server capacity than conventional caches. In addition, the IT infrastructure can be flexibly scaled according to requirements.

ISO FastSearch, a Dynamic Index Cache

The ISO FastSearch concept is based on an intelligent product index in combination with rule-based offer data and high computing power for parallelized processes. It takes full advantage of modern quote data formats (e.g. OTDS). Resource-intensive pre-processing, regular mass data production and expensive server capacities are no longer required. ISO therefore calls the solution a "dynamic index cache".

It also eliminates limitations that result in suboptimal workflows and experiences for end users and agencies, such as limited server capacity or complex search queries. Tour operators and service providers can now offer their customers helpful new search features that have the potential to drive sustainable conversion. These include price curves over time, accurate children's pricing and offers with secured availability. These innovative search features are fully accessible through a powerful API. A separate Internet Booking Engine (IBE) can be connected or the ISO IBE can be used. ISO FastSearch also scores highly in external sales thanks to its efficient response to requests from external sales systems, even at the highest look-to-book rates.

Helge Moser, Director Business Development at ISO Travel Solutions, is convinced: "With ISO FastSearch we have developed a technology that was clearly missing in the travel industry. We have already achieved impressive results in initial test implementations. Medium and large tour operators now have the opportunity to better reflect their differentiation in the market and reduce their costs at the same time".

In the course of 2024, ISO FastSearch will not only calculate and provide package tours and individual services in real time, but will also dynamically package travel packages. ISO is thus extending the flexible packaging in the modular reservation system "ISO Pacific" with an even more dynamic variant. ISO FastSearch can be used in combination with ISO Pacific as well as a stand-alone solution.

ISO Travel Solutions invites interested parties to learn more about ISO FastSearch at or contact the sales team directly.