ISO expands its SKYport Suite with the PRM Module Care

ISO Software Systeme has broadened its Airport Management Suite SKYport with the addition of its PRM Management Module Care. This is the Nuremberg based company’s answer to meet the ever-rising demand from airport operators to automate their PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) services.

Airport operators face new challenges due to the increase in mobility and demographic changes. Airports have to address the combination of an aging population, overweight individuals and individuals including children with various disabilities often with reduced mobility, whose special needs have to be addressed.

ISO’s SKYport Care’s new PRM module automates and simplifies the handling of passengers with reduced mobility while keenly addressing their special needs.

SKYport Care benefits

Skport Care shows a real-time overview of all the pending tasks in a route on an intuitive user interface.

Alerts a dispatcher punctually of all approaching appointments. The module also sends a warning when a PRM passenger route does not have an agent assigned to it and automatically resends the route request for task reassignment.

SKYport Care is web-based and also available on android mobile devices and PCs. Access to all relevant information, such as passenger name and flight information, is available anytime and anywhere thanks to individual rights management capabilities.

SKYport Care assists airport operators with EU Regulation (EG) 1107/2006 for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) compliance and the optimization of passenger care.