ISO Travel Solutions is the first IT company to connect to TUI’s Contracting System Destimo

ISO Travel Solutions has created a connector to successfully import contract data from TUI’s contracting system Destimo into ISO’s reservation system Pacific.

With this connector, ISO Travel Solutions (ISO) can now automatically import contract data for tours into the Pacific reservation system. The data is processed without manual intervention and the products become immediately bookable, ready for sale. The data connection for this is based on a new micro service technology using the Kafka message and streaming platform. This is already used productively for the TUI northern countries tour product at TUI Wolters Reisen. ISO is the first IT company to establish such a connection and this project also serves as a proof of concept for future connections within TUI.

Rick Grimshaw (IT Project Manager at TUI Group) states: “ISO developed a mapping and transformation adaptor to ensure TUI’s Destimo Single Contracting System (SCS). Destimo was developed to capture group tours and can be integrated with pricing and reservation systems downstream, such as ISO’s Pacific. To prove the integration of complex group tours – and learn valuable lessons in preparing the roll-out to other TUI source markets – Pacific was chosen, which is used as a pricing and reservation platform at TUI Wolters Reisen. The cooperation with ISO has been very successful.”

Markus Kretschmer (Managing Director of ISO Travel Solutions) adds: “This project is another important milestone in our long-lasting partnership with TUI. Our IT solutions have been in use at numerous TUI locations for almost 20 years. With the Destimo connection in a micro service architecture, ISO supports the most modern technological standards of TUI. The proof of concept went very well and can act as a template for future connections.”

TUI and ISO are looking forward to continuing this partnership to create further innovative automations and projects, and to achieve more integrations and efficiency.