SKYsell – The new Internet Booking Engine for Airlines from ISO Software Systeme

ISO Software Systeme developed a new Internet Booking Engine, SKYsell, which caters to the specific interests of Airlines. Based on the IATA Standards NDC and ONE Order, SKYsell helps the Airlines to offer customized packages consisting of tickets and ancillaries to their customers.

Airlines more and more become to a provider of comprehensive and customized travel offers. The IATA Standards ONE Order and NDC put airlines in the position to sell tickets quickly and flexibly along individually picked ancillaries in one booking.

SKYsell, the new Internet Booking Engine (IBE) from ISO Software Systeme is based on the IATA Standards NDC and ONE Order. Thanks to its modular structure, the IBE can easily be adjusted to match the specific needs of an airline and even reduces sales costs.

Find out more details and the key features of ISO’s newest Airline IBE on the SKYsell page.