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International Address Validation in SAP®

Your needs

  • address correction and normalization during data entry for lastingly improved address data quality in SAP
  • international address validation for more than 240 countries during operation
  • country-specific parametrization for mapping special address features
  • address cleansing for stock data using the editing monitor

Our solution

The Marlin Address Validation solution (MAV) for SAP® is an add-on for ERP and CRM that corrects, normalizes and complements both national and international addresses. When creating or maintaining master data, the address check is carried out through interactively proposed corrections. Existing addresses can be batch checked. The results can be changed either automatically or manually using an editing monitor.

Based on expertise gained from long-term project experience, we support our customers in implementing the diverse, country-specific requirements using detailed customizing. The postal correction supports pictorial languages and can, for example, automatically derive the place and street data (including range of street numbers) from a UK postal code. The software is easily connected through a Web service and requires neither a separate server nor data management.

Add-on for validating geographical data

Addresses validated with MAV can be enriched with geo data for use in SAP ERP and SAP CRM systems. Our partner AddressDoctor completes international address data for more than 50 countries with geo coordinates. Once the address has been successfully verified, longitude and latitude coordinates are added in the WGS84 format. Depending on the country, interpolated geo coordinates (standard) or detailed “Point Address” geo coordinates are used.

Your benefits:

  • accurate data – at building / site level
  • detailed Point Address with arrival point or building center for North America, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark
  • geo coding of addresses from more than 50 countries
  • output in WGS 84 format

Using customizing, the geo data can be sent to an address field or to the GEOLOC table.

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