Data Validation in SAP® – for Customer, Supplier and Business Partners

Your needs

  • traceable data entry and maintenance processes including double verification principle
  • integrated data quality tools for optimized data creation
  • quality-assured SAP master data for clean and transparent business processes
  • traceable data entry and maintenance processes based on double verification
  • high user acceptance thanks to seamless integration with the SAP GUI
  • quick implementation of the Data Governance concept in SAP
  • resource-efficient SAP operation

Our solution

Marlin Data Governance (MVT) for SAP® – a central master data management – provides a basis for reliable and traceable data governance processes. Thanks to an optimized pre-transaction, operative processes such as creating and maintaining data are done efficiently using the integrated data quality tools – all within in the known SAP environment and for the objects customer, supplier, business partners, bank master record, G/L accounts and material master.
Data Governance can be used in various ways: in an SAP system, as a stand-alone solution, or across several systems, both SAP and non-SAP. The Data Governance processes support customer-specific workflows as well.

Business Rule Framework

Business Rules in SAP are stored using the Business Rule Framework. This can be used to test simple field connections that go beyond the SAP standard test logic, or whether field values are within in the right area of validity and their dependency to other logics.


  • material description consist of one word only
  • stop words in text fields (e.g. “Teflon”)
  • customer is not defined for all mandatory codes
  • VAT ID for the customer is missing for certain countries

Analytic data validation

Using flexible manual reports, the stored business rules are applied to control the master data. For this, a variety of objects such as customer, vendor and material master can be tested with defined rules. If a record violates one or more of the rules, the violation is logged for later evaluation.

Processing of rule violations

After checking the databases, request documents can be created in the governance processes for any breach of rule. The Data Steward receives these rule violations in the worklist and can process them transparently during the day-to-day business.

Proactive rule support

Besides the flexible use for checking the dataset, business rules can also be integrated as a validation rule with the governance processes. This ensures that the rules are tested not only in the batch process, but also in the day-to-day maintenance. A seamless integration with the appropriate warnings in the governance process allows the user to react directly to faulty insertions, avoiding a time-consuming search for incorrect or missing information.

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