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Duplicates in SAP® - find, clean, prevent

Your requirements

  • Duplicate check during new creation and maintenance of entries
  • Duplicate determination via address, tax number, bank details and communication data
  • Initial check of inventory data and regular control
  • External CSV check against SAP® Master Data
  • Support in the evaluation of duplicates and decision on the Golden Record by a clearing monitor
  • Merging of views (company code, sales, purchasing)
  • Fuzzy search for master data search
  • Maintain communication data in bulk without creating duplicate master records

Our solution

The Marlin Duplicate Check (MDC) is a certified and modular solution integrated in SAP® that checks for duplicates. The duplicate check begins in the process and finds duplicate master data in SAP®. Regardless of whether duplicates are found during creation, maintenance or in the inventory, we support and provide a convenient editing monitor for processing the duplicate groups.

Duplicate cleansing is performed using cutting-edge technology that can be individually parameterized and detects a duplicate in all languages, including picture languages, e.g. Chinese and Japanese. In addition, the duplicate check user is supported by a fuzzy search, which displays the results in SAP® across fields, similar to web search engines.

For companies with a small amount of master data, we have mapped the check technology via ABAP, which eliminates the need for a separate server. For companies with larger data volumes, we use our Scarus Data Quality Server, which is simply installed via DropboxTM on a virtual server at the customer's site or in the cloud.


Checking external data files

Do you want to check a CSV file for duplicates or perform a check against the existing SAP® dataset? Our solution features an import function with list display.

Review of existing Master Data - also in preparation for S/4HANA®

With Marlin Duplicate Check, the master data to be checked is selected conveniently. Depending on the master data customer, vendor or business partner, the selection can be restricted by country indicator, account group or deletion indicator, for example. Customers can be matched with vendors in preparation for Customer Vendor Integration (CVI). The result of the check is statistically evaluated and the duplicates found are displayed in a monitor for processing.

Transparent processing with the Clearing Monitor

The duplicates found are assigned to the employee as a work package. The processing takes place in the Clearing Monitor. Dependent information is determined and displayed so that you can make the right decision on the header duplicate. For this purpose, we have developed the Object Structure Browser, which determines the characteristic and usage and makes the information available cumulatively. It is also possible to navigate to the individual document. This provides the employee with the information on the characteristics of the company codes, purchasing organizations, sales organizations and business partner roles. The usage in purchasing information records, equipment, number of open items, orders, sales as well as last usage.

Head Duplicate determination

In order for the employee to receive a proposal for the Head Duplicate quickly, the duplicate group is evaluated using a point system. For example, the master record with the most open items and the most company codes receives the highest number of points and is proposed as a Head Duplicate.

Maintain communication data in bulk

Every year, more than 25% of the business partners’ addresses and communication data change. In the process, the business partner might have been created several times in one database (ship-to party, contact person, invoice recipient, etc.).


This happens, for example, in the following cases:

  • Relocation of a company and change of their area code from 096 to 0431
  • The company gets a new domain (from isogmbh.de to iso-gruppe.com)
  • Renaming of a street from "Speedway Blvd" to "Broadway Blvd"
  • Renaming of a company (from "Ace Company" to "Ace & Associates")
  • Corrections like from "Frankfurt" to "Frankfurt am Main"

This function makes it easy to find the master records to be changed and update them in bulk. This reduces costs and helps you avoid errors.


  • Best Practice customizing for duplicate finding
    • Customizing takes place in SAP®
    • For SAP® ERM 7.0, SAP® ECC6 and S/4HANA®
    • For customer, vendor, business partner and contact person
    • Dialog check when creating and maintaining master data
    • Verification is carried out via the address, telephone number, email, bank details, tax number and VAT ID
  • Inventory check detects existing duplicates
    • Reconciliation of customer to vendor possible
    • Checking of external CSV data
    • Analysis of the duplicate check with result display
    • Distribution of duplicates into worklists
    • Clearing Monitor for fast and secure processing
    • Assignment using primary and secondary relationship
    • Object dependencies are recorded
    • Display of transaction data (OP, orders and offers)
    • Search via organizational data on field level
    • Object structure browser to display dependencies
    • Flexible handling through customer customizing
    • Head duplicate determination - which one is the golden record?
  • Cross-field Fuzzy F4 Search
    • Integrated into the Marlin Data Governance product
    • BAdI for connection in customer's Z-programs
    • Recognition of companies
    • With thesaurus
    • With transliteration and transcription
    • Language-independent also image languages
  • Communication data change in the volume of debtors, creditors and business partners
    • Filter function to define the match of several values
    • Generation of suggestions according to search input and filter
    • Selection of single or multiple records
    • Accepted suggestions are stored directly in the master record

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