Duplicates in the SAP® Material Master

Your needs

  • optimized stock-keeping thanks to lower redundancies
  • identified non-variable parts increase purchasing potential
  • reduced costs for material master maintenance
  • fault-tolerant search help improves search for existing master data
  • clearing monitor supports evaluation of duplicates

Our solution

Marlin Material Check (MMC) – a modular solution fully integrated with SAP – checks the SAP material master for duplicates using a multi-step process. When creating and maintaining the material master data, a check is carried out against the data inventory to identify possible duplicate parts. A separate monitoring process in SAP qualifies and edits potential material duplicates.

In addition to the material master data check during the data creation and maintenance processes, MMC also provides a check for on duplicates of the entire existing material master. Summarized as duplicate groups, the results can be edited step by step.

Thanks to the customizing feature, the duplicate check for material master data can be individually configured. The results of the material master data checks are optimized using matrix and index settings. More than 60 fields from the material master are available. Likewise, the characteristics from the classification can be added to the duplicate check; also a thesaurus and a unit converter can be used.

To avoid unnecessary and time-consuming work when creating or maintaining your material master data, we offer a fast and fault-tolerant search aid for your material master. This lets you search the table contents of the material master data (MARA) including basic data and long text. Similar to web search engines, you can find existing master data using a text box to search across fields – thus efficiently preventing duplicate entries.

  • dialog check when creating and editing master data
  • inventory audit identifies existing duplicates
  • clearing monitor for quick and safe editing
  • organization of duplicates into duplicate groups
  • classification according to duplicate type
  • assignment using primary and secondary relationship
  • object structure browser to show dependencies
  • flexible handling through customizing
  • fault-tolerant F4 search
  • part of the product Marlin Data Governance Process for the material master

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