VAT ID Check in SAP®

Your needs

  • Tax exemption for intra-community supplies within the EU
  • Checking the sales tax ID (VAT-ID) of business partners – for Germany, Austria and the EU as to compliance with the legal provisions
  • Online inspection directly within SAP ERP ECC6 or S4/HANA
  • Checking upon master record creation and maintenance and of relevant FI transaction data
  • Revision-proof documentation within SAP
  • Process support for negative VAT-ID verification
  • Mass data check plus monitoring
  • Configurable automatic locking for negative verification
  • Customer-specific settings

Our solution

Since 1 January 2010, companies in the European Union are required by law to check the VAT number of any business partner within the EU. 
Marlin VAT-ID Check (MUP) for SAP® helps you check the validity of VAT registration numbers by connecting to various online services: the German Federal Central Tax Office, the Finanzonline Portal of the Austrian Ministry of Finance and VIES, the VAT Information Exchange System of the European Commission.

Our SAP-certified, integrated add-on from the Marlin Data Quality product range checks the correctness of the VAT ID within SAP.

How the Marlin VAT-ID Check works

All relevant data is used for a qualified check as to whether a foreign company has a valid VAT ID – and whether the information provided on company name, company location, postal code and street corresponds to the registered data in the company file of the respective EU member state. 

All master data always checked automatically

When creating or changing master data, or in essential SD transaction data, an automatic online check of the sales tax ID takes place and the user receives a result pop-up in real time. Each triggered check is stored in an audit-proof manner in separate tables.

The results of the tests are display via a monitor feature: one shows positive tests, the other negative tests. You can navigate back and forth directly in the data records in order to make corrections to the VAT-ID (also name and address in the case of a qualified check, if required). You can use your own transactions to check individual existing business partners or carry out a mass data check. Further VAT IDs of a customer or vendor can also be checked using individual checks, mass checks, and online.

These and further functions can be activated via the product-specific customizing. Automatic order, delivery and billing blocks, for example, can be set in the customer master record. Using the company code or user, the system can also recognize which company requests a master record from you.

Extensions and Integrations

There are two additional solutions for the VAT-ID check: The add-on address validation corrects and supplements the entered address. The Add-On Content Enrichment checks whether a company exists and enriches it with information such as the correct VAT-ID.

The VAT-ID Check for SAP can also be integrated in our Marlin Data Governance Process product solution or in the SAP MDG.

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