Automation Engineering

We are a service provider for many fields of automation technology and have plenty of experience. In collaboration with our international customers, we develop products that offer potential applications for various industries such as drives, programmable controllers and network components.

  • Drive technology
    In the field of drive technology we run embedded software development on various platforms. In addition to developing firmware, we design and implement complex generation chains and support the development process with various self-developed tools. Particularly the automated support for modeling and configuring numerous product characteristics plays a major role. We use a variety of environments (Windows, Solaris, Linux) with different programming languages (C++, C, Java, XML, XML Schema, XSLT) and application development systems (Eclipse, ClearCase).
  • Programmable controllers
    For the fields of automation and drive technology, we develop software components in the context of SPS engineering systems. Our software development ranges from hardware configuration of compiler technology to services and editors.

    In terms of technology, we use the latest Microsoft Visual Studio environment Microsoft Visual Studio, while development is done in .NET using C#/C++.

    Furthermore we use the unique visual, model-driven platform by Mendix, which allows business users and developers to create multi-channel applications in record time.

    As for planning and controlling, we apply the Team Foundation Server, a modern application lifecycle management system.
  • Network components
    Our current fields of work include industrial Ethernet switches, Ethernet security (user management, firewalls) and communication processors (CPs). Here, our activities comprise architecture, design, implementation and quality assurance.
  • Our services
  • Reference
    Our customers appreciate the reliable, long-term partnership with us.