Airport Software Solutions for any type of airport

Nothing is as constant as change. The challenges airports are facing around the world are no exception. In the last few decades, the focus has been on the optimal use of all available resources to be able to handle the steadily growing number of aircraft movements and passengers efficiently.

Today, the major challenge is to manage volatile flight schedules and to implement COVID-19-related requirements with a smaller team and under extreme cost pressure.

The automated and digitized airport

Reliable information in real time is essential in order to master these situations. The cornerstones of an automated airport are optimized business processes, integration of all available data sources and efficient airport management systems. Regardless of whether it is an international hub, regional airport or general aviation airport, digitization offers significant cost saving potential regardless of size and business model.

SKYport – our Airport Management Suite for small, medium-sized and large airports

ISO Software Systeme is a strong and reliable partner for airports worldwide with more than 30 years of experience and more than 80 installations.

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Hybrid Billing in the Aviation Industry - The specifics of aeronautical billing

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SKYport supports your airport processes

  • fully automated creation of seasonal and daily flight schedules
  • real-time integration of IATA Type B messages and Air Traffic Control data to minimize the manual editing of aircraft movements
  • flexible FIDS facilitates the information about flight data and passenger control to fulfill hygiene measures and official regulations
  • automated capture and settlement of aero charges and flight-related services

How your airport benefits:

  • Multi-Airport – central master data, rule-based tools for the Airport Operation Control Center, centralized aero billing
  • International Airport/Hub-Airport – highly configurable rule engines for resource management and aero billing
  • Regional Airport – all services from a single source: AODB, Reporting, FIDS, aero billing and ground support tools
  • General Aviation Airport – flexible creation of ad-hoc aircraft movements, cash settlement