SKYfly Revenue – next-generation Revenue Accounting

Airline Revenue Accounting is a demanding business. IATA SIS has introduced an almost revolutionary standard and at the same time keep pace with permanently growing technical requirements and bear up against rising cost pressure. In addition, the biggest challenge, namely to cope with a constantly high demand for most accurate figures right in time, persists unabated.

Together with our partner Kronos Airline Solutions, we offer you an efficient as well as powerful BPO solution for SKYfly Revenue.

Simplify your business with SKYfly Revenue

SKYfly Revenue was developed to make your Revenue Accounting more productive and profitable:

  • Workflow management – ensures efficient and correct processing
  • Standard Accounting Interface Framework – suitable for all major accounting solutions such as SAP, Oracle Financial, Navision etc.
  • Multilingual, browser-based user interface adapts SKYfly Revenue to the national languages and makes intuitive handling easier
  • Dashboard – personalized home screen supports easy overview over today’s tasks and provides management statistics
  • Integrated Reporting Engine – provides reports and statistics in real-time to support business intelligence tools and revenue management process
  • Audit trail tracks changes and eases reporting to the auditor

IATA Strategic Partner – since 2011

ISO has long been involved in the development of the new standards and their application.

  • NDC Capable Level 4
  • ONE Order Capable
  • ONE Order Pilot Projects
  • Settlement with Orders (SwO) Adoption Group

Based on IATA standards

Why should you stick to an outdated application if you can take the step forward to the future so easily?

SKYfly Revenue is your future-proof choice for revenue data management when it comes to technology and industry standards. Fully automated standardized processes and multiple data checks minimize the manual effort.
An extensive quality management and automatic overnight test-runs guarantee an absolutely reliable system. Based on JEE and a scalable, state-of-the-art system architecture, we are ready for your success and growth.

Originally built according to the IATA SIS standard, SKYfly Revenue keeps pace with the latest industry developments and is now compliant with IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) as per IATA Reso 722f effective June 01, 2016.

Your Benefits

  • work most efficiently & concentrate on what really matters
  • be well prepared for new standards & upcoming changes
  • rely on constantly high data quality & system stability

Software made in Germany – designed for the future!

Multilingual application

  • Screenshot "German"
  • Screenshot "English"
  • Screenshot "Arabic"
  • Screenshot "Russian"
  • Screenshot "Spanish"
  • Screenshot "Polish"
  • Screenshot "Serbian"
  • Screenshot "Thai"