Optimize your invoicing process with SKYfly M-Billing

The Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) project initialized by IATA has become reality and marks the most radical change in Miscellaneous Billing:

Miscellaneous Billing has become fully paperless – mandatory for all airlines and recommended for all suppliers in the aviation sector such as ground handlers or airports – to optimize processes, prevent revenue leakage, reduce costs and improve cash flow. Gain additional profit by using SKYfly M-Billing with its considerable advantages over IS-Web.

SKYfly M-Billing – the scalable solution for non-transportation billing

More than 30 clients worldwide trust in our solutions to invoice services such as airport management or ground handling. These proven applications are now tailored to the needs of airlines for Miscellaneous Billing in IATA Integrated Settlement.

SKYfly Revenue Supplier Portal – paperless invoicing for your suppliers

You still receive invoices on paper from your suppliers? The new SKYfly Revenue Supplier Portal enables your service providers to use the IS-XML industry standard with just slight formality and costs. Additionally the portal qualifies suppliers for paperless billing without media disruption.

IATA Strategic Partner – since 2011

ISO has long been involved in the development of the new standards and their application.

  • NDC Capable Level 4
  • ONE Order Capable
  • ONE Order Pilot Projects
  • Settlement with Orders (SwO) Adoption Group

Miscellaneous Billing for all sizes

SKYfly M-Billing is the scalable solution for your specific needs – whether you are handling 5 or 5,000 miscellaneous invoices. Choose what you need and go for software that adapts to your workflow – not vice versa.

  • You are handling a huge amount of inward invoices?
    Ask for our solution to streamline the process.
  • Your process is perfect, but the output isn't SIS-compliant?
    Use SKYfly M-Billing as a SIS adapter.
  • You are a ground handler or FBO and wish to improve your billing process to airlines? Visit our Ground Handling website.

Good to know: SKYfly M-Billing is the perfect add-on to SKYfly Revenue to provide a SIS-compliant billing solution from A to Z.

Software made in Germany – designed for the future!

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