Business Process Outsourcing – secure, flexible, cost-effective

You have chosen our software SKYfly Revenue. Now you are faced with the choice of whether you want to manage the system in-house or transfer the task to an external service provider. We can help you make the right decision: Together with our partner Kronos Airline Solutions, ISO Software Systeme offers an efficient and powerful BPO solution.

Your benefits

1. No personnel costs – you don't have to hire specialists or train current employees to use the ISO Revenue Accounting solution. We provide a team – including a team leader – dedicated to your requests.

2. Full planning security – we ensure that our experienced revenue accounting team completes all tasks for you in time.

3. Highest security – our secure management meets current industry standards and best practices.

You save operating costs and get the most out of your sales – without sacrificing service and control. We prepare a set of reports, interfaces and data for you so that you can keep an eye on your facts and figures at all times.

Our services

  • import, review and confirm data from all relevant sources
  • continuous maintenance of all essential master data
  • review of all imports and processes in the system
  • sales & refund processes: review, evaluation, reconciliation and reports
  • sales auditing – management, review and validation of fares, fees and commission variances
  • uplift processes – review, evaluation, reconciliation and reports
  • interlining – outward & Inward billing, including rejection handling
  • coordination with the airline team regarding no-shows and expired tickets
Arkia Israeli Airlines is very satisfied with your service because: The system is very easy to work with The system is always up to date to the latest IATA resolution IT is almost free of bugs and if there are bugs, the ISO is always there to support promptly and come up with fixes and updates in very short period
Philip Berman

Schedule Flight System Manager & IATA Referent, Arkia Israeli Airlines

Sales Audit Service

As part of our Sales Auditing Services, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of your sales transactions via your sales channels. We conduct a two-step evaluation of each ticket to determine whether the appropriate tariffs have been applied and the tariff conditions are met. As part of this process, we check all tariffs, fees and commissions for each ticket. In this way, we ensure that all information and amounts are shown correctly. Afterwards we create Agency Debit / Credit Memos via BSPLink, Memo Manager or directly. In the event of a dispute, we will take care of the matter so that you receive your money as soon as possible.

For this we offer the perfect solution:

  • Fare, Tax, Commission Audit
  • Creation of Agency Debit / Credit Memos
  • Dispute resolution (Dispute Process)

IATA Strategic Partner – since 2011

ISO has long been involved in the development of the new standards and their application.

  • NDC Capable Level 4
  • ONE Order Capable
  • ONE Order Pilot Projects
  • Settlement with Orders (SwO) Adoption Group

Tax Maintenance Service

Virtually every airport in the world has its own fee model, with different charges in each country. Keeping track of what is invoiced where and how is a Sisyphean task – which we are happy to handle for you. We initially record all relevant taxes (TFCs) based on RATD or TTBS data and continuously maintain them. Nothing stands in the way of a smooth billing process.