Airport Software: SKYport Suite for secure system operations

SKYport, the ISO Software Systeme Airport Management Suite, fully supports your airport processes. It provides all the relevant information for all individuals involved in the process in real time.

The automated and digitized airport

Modular design

The SKYport Suite features a modular design. You can either implement the entire suite or individual components of your choice.


The following modules are available to choose from: airport operation, ground handling, aeronautical billing, reporting, cargo, CDM and passenger services.

Various operational models

We offer various operational models for the operation of our SKYport Suite.

  • On-premises
  • Hosted/Managed Service
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

For Hosted/Managed Services and SaaS, ISO manages all related systems to ensure hassle-free operations.

Transparent licensing models

We offer you special investment security through our transparent licensing models. Again, it’s your choice to select the model that suits your needs:

  • License based on the traffic figures (passengers/flight movements)
  • No Named/Concurrent user licenses
  • CapEx/OpEx payment models
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Experience since 1987

We have already put 82 installations into operation worldwide. Our experience goes back to 1987. Since then, we have continuously developed our software and added more and more practical features for you. And by the way, by implementing our airport management solutions, you get more than just software. We assure that your business processes run smoothly and will always keep an eye on the complete software integration.

Hybrid Billing in the Aviation Industry - The specifics of aeronautical billing

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Airport Software: SKYport advantages at a glance

  • complete in-house development, no third-party modules
  • uniform technology platform
  • uniform look & feel
  • integrated standard software (no internal interfaces, single database for all modules/applications)
  • modern technology: browser GUI, no client software installation, Java applications, vue.js GUI, mobile GUIs via progressive web apps
  • powerful interface technology, fully automated flight data collection
  • fully automated flight processing
  • flexible rule engines for automation: interpretation of interface data, resource allocation, aero billing, workflows
  • digitization enables paperless processes

Airport Fun Facts

  • SKYport Area
  • SKYport Flight Time
  • SKYport Movement
  • SKYport Pax
  • SKYport Percentage

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