Powerful software solutions for Airport Billing Systems

1. SKYport Billing: operational AODB data processing

2. SKYport Billing for SAP: SAP ERP Traffic Billing add-on

3. SKYport Hybrid Billing: Side-by-side extension for your SAP HPC solution

Find the right software solution for your airport.

1. SKYport Billing

SKYport Billing, the billing component of our SKYport family, build upon the operative data of the SKYport AODB (Airport Operational DataBase). All flight movement information from the operative systems is directly available for aeronautical fee calculation. This allows a very close collaboration between operations and management.

The online communication between the AODB and SKYport Billing supports invoicing (collective invoices) as well as cash settlement.

The flexible, user-manageable set of rules can reflect any fee structure.

Whether it be fully automatically calculated landing fees, stored handling agreements or separately recorded individual performances – with SKYport Billing, you can invoice them all.

Because of the structured loading processes with logging functionality for all steps of the calculation, billing is documented and traceable throughout the processes. Auditable data is thus available for tax auditors and accountants at any time.

SKYport Billing is optimized for use in combination with our  SKYport AODB. Alternatively, the solution can also be integrated with existing operational systems of other providers, of course.

Hybrid Billing in the Aviation Industry - The specifics of aeronautical billing

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2. SKYport Billing for SAP

ISOs SKYport Billing for SAP is an add-on for linking to SAP® ERP.

Advanced data structures in SAP SD allow it to upload flight data from virtually any existing AODB.

As all of these data structures have been developed within ISO’s own namespace SKYport Billing for SAP, it is largely release independent and has been deployed to a variety of SAP ERP products from R/3, Business Suite, Business Suite on HANA and S/4 HANA.

For this, SKYport Billing for SAP is highly flexible in modelling your fees (landing fees, passenger charges, parking charges, infrastructure charges, passenger and ground handling or special services) as well as your billing processes.

Handling agreements according to IATA AHM 810 can also be mapped.

Thanks to the use of the SAP standard functions, SKYport Billing for SAP is perfectly integrated within the SAP world. This saves much coordination between otherwise separate systems and allows a seamless update in the financial accounting and controlling.

3. SKYport Hybrid Billing

With the major ERP providers moving their solutions to the cloud customization options have become limited.

ISO has chosen to tackle this development head on and has introduced SKYport Hybrid Billing, which serves as a side-by-side extension for your SAP HCP solution.

This approach can be best characterized as best-of-breed as users profit from the exceptional flexibility in aeronautical charges calculation known from SKYport Billing and the proven GAAP localizations from SAP.

By creating closely coupled environments, each system specializes in its own domain with SKYport taking care of flight movement data and aero charges calculation while SAP takes over all invoicing, accounting, payment reconciliation and dunning procedures.

Electronic Invoicing

All SKYport Aeronautical Billing solutions are equipped to provide electronic invoices in a variety of formats.

These formats include:

  • Electronic Invoicing according to EN-16931 (i.e. the German XRechnung)
  • IATA SIS compliant invoicing