Reliable information for your Airport Operations

SKYport AODB (Airport Operational Database) represents the central hub for all of an airport's information. SKYport AODB ensures that you have a real-time overview of all flight-related data.

Learn more about the central modules of the SKYport AODB.


Master Data Management

A flexible and expandable master data management supports your users in their daily work with the AODB. Manage data about airlines, aircraft and airport facilities.

User Management

Thanks to the flexible, integrated user management, you have specific control over the flow of information: The employees receives precisely the information they need to complete the task assigned to them.

Seasonal Flight Plan

Create your seasonal flight plan interactively or use the using the SKYport Connect adapter to import schedules from regional coordination sites such as the German airport coordinator (FLUKO) or from seasonal flight planning systems like SCORE.

Daily Flight Management

The daily schedule is the central interface for airport operations. Here you can manage the planned traffic (scheduled and charter traffic) as well as general aviation (unplanned traffic).

PRM Module SKYport Care

This module consists of a browser-based frontend and a mobile app, thus provides real-time information for both arriving and departing PRMs.
SKYport Care uses the IATA Type B message parser to provide data for all PRM-related activities. Dispatch mode, shift planning and real-time tracking guarantee a seamless process for the entire PRM staff.
The SKYport Care Mobile App reduces the manual effort of the staff by offering features: integrated boarding pass scan, alarm functions and pause functions for any particular work order – even when in offline mode.

Business Lounge

The Business Lounge application contains a freely configurable set of rules and can handle airline and commercial programs as well as vouchers. When passengers arrive at the lounge desk, the module automatically checks their boarding pass. It then provides the business lounge agent with the right programs and number of allowed accompanying guests – making the check-in a matter of seconds.

Within the application, users log passenger data and invoice these automatically (in connection with SKYport Billing). The Business Lounge application also provides an integrated reporting tool for filtering data by dates and carriers, and can also generate Excel exports on demand.

Baggage Delivery

Our Baggage Delivery application is a self-contained, standalone application that lets you to handle the delivery of delayed baggage. Thanks to its modern UI, users can easily parse strings from World Tracer to automatically create new delivery orders. You can then combine these into packages, for delivery by external delivery companies. Moreover, the module allows tracking as well as various types of documents, printouts or Excel exports.

In connection with SKYport Billing, Baggage Delivery provides automated invoicing. It further comprises fully configurable master data and user management as well as versioning and locking of Delivery Orders.

SKYport Customer Portal

The SKYport Customer Portal integrates flight requests for general aviation with your Websites – directly and automatically.
The advantage: Your staff no longer has to manually enter the data, thus reducing the workload. Registered customers can enter flight plans directly, particularly the desired additional services. Once approved, the flight plans are available directly in the daily flight schedule.

SKYport Connect

Using specific adapters, the flexible communication server SKYport Connect links to a variety partner and third-party system and integrated smoothly with the airport operations.

Various adapter examples:

  • SITA Messages – for sending and receiving SITA messages in a range of IATA formats
  • FLUKO – for importing seasonal flight schedule data, for example from the German airport coordinator (FLUKO) or the internationally popular SCORE system.
  • Air Traffic Control – the online exchange of information with tower systems reduces the data entry effort and improves the timeliness of the data.
  • Video-text – all current information can be made available to the passenger via the teletext services of broadcasters.

In addition, SKYport Connect allows the cost-effective implementation of individual connections to such in-house systems as

  • baggage handling
  • noise measurement or
  • staff management