Airport Software for ground handling

Our SKYport solution provides reliable information for fast and contract compliant ground handling.

In addition to flight operations functions, SKYport also offers special modules for ground handling services:

1.    SKYport Resources

2.    SKYport Activities

3.    SKYport FIDS

1. SKYport Resources – Use your infrastructural resources efficiently

SKYport Resources lets you efficiently manage immobile resources such as gates, parking positions or baggage conveyor belts.

A flexible set of rules determines the optimal resource allocation for each aircraft movement. In the process, customer preferences are taken into account alongside technical and legal requirements. In daily operation, these assignments can be adapted simply by drag & drop. Here, an automatic conflict detection protects the user incorrect entries.

All changes in the resource allocation are immediately stored in the AODB and are therefore visible to all users.

2. SKYport Activities – How to keep check-in safely under control

Contractually defined ground handling activities can be stored for each flight. When creating the daily flight plan, a work order is generated for each flight, which is available to the supervisor, either in paper form or as a dialog on a mobile terminal.

In addition to the contractually agreed activities, optional activities can also be shown and, where required, be authorized by persons like pilots or ramp agents.

Here, a mobile browser application offers the advantage that the supervisor can capture a timestamped confirmation, thus providing actual and current data for billing or controlling purposes.

3. SKYport FIDS – Your interface with the customer

Based on the data from the AODB, SKYport FIDS provides public displays with information such as arrival, departure, check-in, and gate displays. The direct connection to the AODB always ensures the most up-to-date data possible.

The display in the browser lets you arrange content versatilely offering flexibility in the content. You can also integrate web services from a wide range of external providers, such as weather or news streams.

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