Our Center of Excellence

The ISO-Academy was initially intended as hands-on and targeted training of the ISO-Gruppe employees rather than a service for customers. We created a vibrant Center of Excellence to teach our employees and customers about digital transformation and the latest technologies and provide professional experience. We follow the principles of software craftsmanship. Certification, precision and agility are at the core of our training programs.

We want every participant to do their best, grow as a person and expert, awaken their sense of discovery, and experience true team spirit.


ISO Academy Forum

The ISO-Academy Forum brings our team together across projects to share knowledge and experience, including the use of state-of-the-art virtual methods.

ISO Trainer Academy

Our ISO -Trainer Academy lays the foundation for practical training. First-class trainers are constantly learning, stay up-to-date, and anticipate new technical developments. These experts form the core of our ISO-Trainer Academy. They are also actively involved in customer projects and bring their practical experience to the training courses.

ISO edYOUcation Trainings

The ISO edYOUcation training focuses on each employee with their personal goals and individual skill profile. We develop theoretical and applied skills, individual and team motivation to make significant improvements together.


ISO edYOUcation Education Module:

  • Certification Training
    With our courses, we systematically prepare employees for certifications such as ISTQB and ITIL Foundation Level scrum.org. Participants can register for the regular training courses. Short-term appointments are also possible to quickly enable effective teams.
  • Hard Skill Trainings
    In the fast-paced IT world, we need to understand and use the new tools that arise every day. We provide technology training at all levels, from basic knowledge to in-depth technical know-how.
  • Soft Skill Trainings
    In the modern workplace, we need to do more than gain knowledge and skills. We need to use our skills correctly. We show employees how to improve their presentation, collaboration skills, and performance motivation.
  • Boot Camp
    Learning by Doing is the best kind of hands-on learning. Employees are introduced to new tools, programming languages or architecture, and development concepts in our boot camp over several days or weeks. Participants work on real-world tasks using agile methods that allow us to flexibly adapt content and working methods to the needs of the participants.
  • Kata
    We conduct regular coding Kata to practice basic software development work practices. Architecture and methodology Kata help employees and teams develop best practices that gradually become second nature. For example, our monthly coding Kata uses Test-Driven Development (TDD), pair programming, and principles such as DRY, KISS, and SOLID. Each Kata has a dedicated training topic, such as refactoring legacy code, decoupling functionalities, or converting specialized classes to services.


The success of our practice-based ISO Academy has encouraged us to go one step further and open up ISO edYOUcation to our customers as well.

ISO edYOUcation for Customers

We develop training modules tailored to your specific challenges. We aim to offer customers and their employees all levels of individual coaching and team coaching. Customers receive effective and powerful training, which can be done remotely, and has a significant impact.  If you want to learn more about the ISO edYOUcation program, get in touch with us.