Offer Management for Customers and Partners

Strength from diversity and versatility

Keeping a steady focus on joint development

Single location services for our customers

Partnership for success

Through the ISO Public Network, we unite the strengths of the German SME sector to work cooperatively on the digital transformation of the public sector in Germany.

Our mutual claim in this partnership:

We work together as a team in a spirit of trust, cooperation, and transparency, for the success of our customers.

The ISO Public Network creates excellence and enables team solutions for all public sector tasks at the Federal, State, and Municipal level.

ISO Public Network

Our collective performance promise:

  • Planning reliability for our customers
  • Price transparency, according to the open-book principle
  • Any team size and structure required
  • Best solutions through bundled expertise
  • Interdisciplinary, perfectly coordinated teams
  • Flexibility through joint workforce resource management
  • Guaranteed efficiency optimization through benchmarking