Successful project management – goal-oriented, scalable, and transparent

For the ISO-Gruppe companies, experienced project management is one of the core skills needed for successful project implementation. Goal-oriented, scalable, and transparent project management is a must, particularly in the public sector with its complex structures and diverse development models, from the classic V-Model XT to hybrid models and completely agile methods.

Well-designed project management does not need dogmas; it adapts to the requirements and structures and ensures a smooth project flow. We support our customers in all facets of project management – not only in the traditional role of a project manager but also in risk management, quality management, test management, and requirements management.

Stakeholder management creates trust and transparency

The systematic involvement of stakeholders, from decision-makers to users, is a crucial factor for successful project management. It creates trust and ensures the necessary transparency, involves stakeholders at an early stage, and ensures a common understanding of the project status. Our project managers are responsible for and make a valuable contribution to successful stakeholder management.

Agile mindset – a turbo for project management

Agile methods are gaining acceptance in large parts of software development and are increasingly supplementing or replacing traditional processes in the public sector. For project management, an Agile development environment is a challenge. It is necessary to master complex, interdisciplinary and fluid teams, workflows, and decision-making structures while at the same time integrating them into ITIL or line structures. Our experts, with their extensive project backgrounds, are well prepared for this. We systematically promote Agile mindsets, learn together from best-practice experiences, to consistently expand our project management expertise.


As ISO Public Services, we also assume responsibility for our customers outside of ongoing processes. Product owners, Scrum Masters, and Agile coaches are available to answer any questions you may have about the opportunities and special features of Agile project management.