Your blueprint for successful software solutions

Our experts understand how to design software architectures that ensure pioneering solutions. The logic and quality of the architecture blueprint are critical to project size, runtime, IT security, operations, system performance, and business challenges.

Architecture expertise for public administration

ISO Public Services always considers the overall system of the public sector. Evolved structures, legacy systems, monolithic systems, and the requirements of digital transformation demand a well-founded, experienced view of the ongoing and new development of software systems.

From decades of cooperation with public services, IPU has extensive experience with various architectural approaches: from monolithic architectures to microservices structures, from fat client to web-based applications. In particular, microservice architecture approaches play an important role in accompanying the transformation of the public sector to a customer-centric e-Government. In doing so, we never lose sight of the necessities of the existing architecture. We are also aware of our responsibility to guarantee IT security and the performance of the running systems.


Working in partnership to create pattern-based software architecture

Close cooperation, based on trust, with our customers and stakeholders, is one of the principles of ISO Public Services. Our architects listen carefully, ask the right questions, and involve decision-makers in their thinking right from the start. In addition, the experience of our experts from all relevant disciplines is incorporated in Agile team meetings and ensures architectural construction plans with all perspectives considered.

Excellence through the ISO Academy and architecture community

As part of the ISO Academy, we update, expand, and deepen the knowledge of our employees and systematically certify them as part of the ISAQB. We promote professional exchange among specialists and actively impart knowledge to our employees, teams, and customers through our architecture community, specialist departments, Community of Practice, and the architecture kata.

Our architects support you

Architects at IPU are part of the development and implementation phases and can serve in a variety of roles:

  • Technical project managers for collaborative implementation of the architecture with the development teams
  • Coaches for project members to lead Communities of Practice, develop coding guidelines, participate in technical planning sessions for the teams, and advise project management and product owners on a technical level
  • Expert advisors during prototype development and proof of concept phases to identify areas for improvement and to test new technologies
  • To support hands-on work such as code reviews and participation in development efforts