Software Development, a creative craft

Software development is a highly skilled and creative craft. The creative aspect requires our software developers to work independently and holistically to develop and implement complex project requirements. The craft aspect requires a broad knowledge base that is constantly expanded through practical experience.

Agile thinking is an attitude

Our fundamental responsibility is to provide our software developers with a holistic perspective and actively support them in continually expanding their skills and technical competencies. At the center of our philosophy is the concept of the network, with a mutual understanding of the requirements of the diverse disciplines, interdisciplinary teamwork, and flexibility in development. We are convinced that those who think agilely act sustainably. For us, agility is, therefore, more than a method. Agility reflects a professional attitude that always makes a fundamental difference, regardless of the project approach. Our developers think ahead and act together responsibly for the sustainable success of their project.

ISO-Academy Training - Preparation is everything

We systematically prepare employees for the specific requirements of the public sector with kata training and in boot camps, among other things. In interdisciplinary teams, we work on real software products and train our staff in agile, holistic thinking, and modern technologies. For us, coding kata is part of flexible employee training, in which practices such as TDD and pair or mob programming can be learned. Our training sessions accelerate the integration of employees and teams into customer projects and contribute significantly to knowledge transfer.

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Excerpt from our development spectrum: