Support of complex systems

Whether complex IT systems of the public sector or the operation of applications, ISO Public Services has extensive knowledge and proven professional expertise in application management. Our employees and teams are very familiar with complex systems. These include DMZ infrastructures, heterogeneous environments, high availability solutions, and virtualization technologies. We manage the entire application lifecycle, from setting up automated deployment environments to installing applications and supporting ongoing operations - including all upgrades, monitoring, and error management.

Our expertise in application management:

  • DMZ infrastructures and heterogeneous environments
  • High availability solutions and virtualization technologies
  • Middleware products for JEE-based multi-tier applications such as Oracle Fusion consisting of Weblogic Application Server, Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, SOA Suite, Webcenter, Apache, and Tomcat
  • In-depth experience with techniques and products from continuous integration, continuous deployment as well as continuous delivery
  • broad experience in programming languages like VB.Net, VBScript, VBA, PowerShell, PHP, CSS, HTML, and UNIX Shell

Application Monitoring

We build project-specific customized monitoring environments as state-of-the-art solutions, e.g., based on an ELK / Elastic stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beats). Depending on the specific project requirement, our developers work with the entire toolset such as Dynatrace, Catchpoint, Oracle Cloud Control, and Grafana.

Application Services – Change Request Management

ISO Public Services specializes in Change Request Management in 2nd and 3rd level support. It also ensures a smooth operation of your software systems with its experts and services.

The following is a selection of our services that we have implemented in public sector projects:

  • Monitoring, diagnostics, and analysis in the event of malfunctions as well as the triggering of other departments for troubleshooting, organization of automation of deployment solutions.
  • Realization of the basic operation on middleware level for a web-based application with approximately 160,000 users
  • Development and subsequent nationwide rollout as well as 3rd level support of approx. 15,000 Linux clients for various deployment scenarios
  • Support of an e-learning platform based on Oracle Peoplesoft ELM

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