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Highly complex software development for IT in public administration

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Development, operation, and monitoring of your applications

2nd and 3rd level support for end-users and customers

Planning, design, and conception of networks and network services

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Outstanding 360° consulting services, enabling a holistic view of digital transformation in public administration.

Our comprehensive consulting, development, and service portfolio is tailored to the specific requirements of e-Government and provides customized answers to every question.



Project sustainability through dynamic 360° analysis

We always look at challenges from a medium to long-term perspective while incorporating our knowledge of rapidly advancing technological progress. Social and administrative policy developments and the constantly changing usage habits of citizens complete the picture. We work on the basis of empirical data, surveys, forecasts, and analyze data in business intelligence systems. This approach provides additional project reliability for our customers, not only in the planning phase but throughout the entire project duration.

Risk management through performance indicators

Setting projects on course for success and keeping them there depends mainly on risk management. Thanks to our benchmarking, we have a data-based pool of empirical values that help verify the definition of performance indicators and consistently increase planning reliability for our customers.


Consistency and change - software development for e-Government

ISO Public Services GmbH has focused its software development on the specific challenges of public administration. In this context, we understand software engineering as a discipline that must be viewed across systems and projects as well as holistically and networked. We believe that the foundations of responsible software engineering include complex architectural approaches, the use of the latest technologies, agile procedures, user-centered front-end solutions and high-performance back-end structures, but also the safeguarding of running systems with knowledge of their technologies.

In more than 60 projects and procedures for public administration, offering services to millions of citizens, we follow this lived practice and contribute to responsible e-Government development.


Efficiency increase through scalable action

We consistently optimize our services and actions according to key performance indicators. In every project, there remains untapped efficiency potential that should be exploited. Our experience shows: the more consistently and closely we scale and optimize our workflow from the outset, the greater the increase in efficiency. A combination of daily reviews, retrospective reviews, implication management, and comparison with our experience benchmarking have led to up to 30 percent higher efficiency.


Sustainable development through end-to-end responsibility

"We built it, we run it" - this is the principle we work by in our Agile development teams. For this purpose, we sharpen the common view of the software lifecycle and make the teams responsible for the subsequent operation right from the development phase. With this understanding, conception, quality management, and continuous development through to continuous deployment chains become integral parts of our teamwork. For ISO Public Services GmbH, end-to-end responsibility means having the complete ecosystem of the software in view and actively ensuring responsibility for the integration of our work results.


Operational support

Secure operation through operational support

We support our customers' smooth operational business processes through our application management services, from software applications to network management. The full range of services is available to them, from dedicated service hotlines, help desks and on-site support to learning and collaboration platforms for stakeholders.