Partners of ISO Travel Solutions


Peakwork AG, founded in 2009, is THE software specialist for the travel industry. With its unique Player Hub Technology®, Peakwork has created a leisure travel network that brings together global tourism supply and demand.

Leading international tour operators and service providers rely on the Peakwork solutions for dynamic packaging with connectivity to hotel and flight providers worldwide.

The flexible and internationally scalable travel distribution solutions are designed to handle large traffic demands and benefit from the connection to global metasearch partners.

Strategic alliances with leading companies like Google and IBM result in pioneering solutions for dynamic travel production, sales and yield management. The Player Hub Technology is used successfully in 29 markets around the world.

Peakwork employs some 200 people at seven locations in Germany, the UK, the USA, Singapore and Spain.

Rheinallee 9
40549 D├╝sseldorf
Tel.: +49 211 91368