Mediator between Partners

Within the ISO-Konsortium, ISO Public Services plays a crucial role as an intermediary between our partners and our shared customers. With a professional team of highly motivated consultants and an automated toolset, we are responsible for the following service areas:

  • Service Delivery Management
  • Quality assurance of offers
  • Accounting processing

Our Service Process:


All system levels comply with all client data protection policies and DSGVO standards.

Service Delivery Management

We put digital transformation into practice in our services. To this end, we have consistently automated the formal process chain of order processing between customers and ISO-Konsortium members.

  • Automated reporting and order entry documentation
  • Analysis of order entry and communication of specifications and requirements to our partners
  • Cross-partner standardization of all CVs and final review performed by us
  • Assurance of strategic and operational consortium standards through jour fixe

Quality Assurance

ISO Public Services handles cross-partner quality assurance for CVs. A review process ensures the information is accurate and complete, ranks candidates according to quality profiles, and ensures a candidate selection, both in high-quality and quantity.


Our accounting automatically manages orders and customer call-offs’. The software records, analyzes, and documents the quotas of the employees deployed. This provides complete transparency for customers, employees, and partners.

SAP Payment Reliability

The billing of the contingent service is handled directly between the customer and the companies of the ISO-Gruppe. The ISO-Konsortium partners balance their receivables in the self-billing system. Our customers and partners benefit from a centralized, standardized, and simplified billing procedure.

A true partnership between equals - transparent, fair, and professional.
Christian Loos

Division Manager, Maiborn Wolff

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