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Software Engineering is no longer strictly divided into the architecture, development and testing sub-disciplines. All project members should jointly share responsibilities for these topics. For us, this is a fundamental principle that not only yields high quality in the execution in agile projects but also in classic projects. In addition, we also promote specialists through our extensive training opportunities that allows them to intensively familiarize themselves in various areas and gain expert knowledge about development methods and tools.

This combination of broad team responsibility and deep technical competence helps us in two ways: We can place staff specific positions in customer projects as well as provide complete interdisciplinary teams.

Some examples of projects that we worked on together with our customers

  • Created internet sites as landing pages to address customer concerns and direct applicants to the appropriate pages for further processing.
  • Provided master data for other projects while observing strict data privacy laws.
  • Developed online portals containing different offers and services to boost online offers. In order to do so, the website has been improved continously and user-friendly service assistants were created.
  • Provide a cross-provider core data system to coordinate various institutions and partners in the course of common case processing that considers regionally different solutions and supports the analogue or semi-digitalized exchange of information.
  • Digitalization of application processes for social security benefits and providing a variety of basic services for other customer online processes.
  • Exchanged the C++ backend with a modern Java backend in a project responsible for the collection, approval and payment of various benefits that fall under the German Social Security Code (SGB) responsibility.

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