From Project management to Implementation

In a modern agile operation, the architecture topic is not only the responsibility of a few individuals, but it has to be propelled by all team members. Nevertheless, some projects benefit greatly when highly experienced colleagues take over dedicated responsibility for the development of the architecture.

Our software architects

Support the implementation of these architectures – depending on the overall requirements and project requirements:

  • Act as a technical project manager, to plan and drive the implementation of the architecture forward with the teams
  • Coach the project members, for example, with the communities of practice guidance, elaborating coding guidelines, participating in technical planning sessions with the teams, consulting both the project manager and product owner at a technical level, etc.
  • Promote the work on prototypes and proof of concepts to develop suggestions to improve and to evaluate new technologies, as needed
  • Apply a hands-on mentality when, for example, conducting code reviews and active participation in development

We have vast experience with diverse architectural approaches, spanning from monolithic architectures to micro service structures and fat client architecture to web-based applications. All of our projects place a very high demand on the availability of the services offered and serve clients (approximately 5-6 figures) throughout Germany. These requirements are reflected in the robust and scalable architectures we developed and maintain.

With an extensive training program and the acquisition of relevant certificates (especially ISAQB) our employees can choose to expand their knowledge. We expand their knowledge and their skills in architecture katas within our architecture community, for example, which leads to a lively exchange on architectural topics.

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