Software Solutions for Airlines

IATA's current standards NDC & ONE Order are currently revolutionizing the airline market. Instead of concentrating exclusively on the core tasks of a classic carrier, airlines are increasingly transforming themselves into airline retailers.

In order to fulfil the resulting tasks, the right tools are needed.

Internet Booking Engine SKYfly Sell – based on NDC and ONE Order, SKYfly Sell is your Internet Booking Engine for customized air travel.

Airline Retailing Platform SKYfly Res – the Order Management System booking flights and ancillaries without PNR and ticket.

Passenger Revenue Accounting SKYfly Revenue – ensuring swift and correct processing of all passenger-related documents.

Business Process Outsourcing for SKYfly Revenue – the efficient and powerful BPO service as an all-inclusive package for SKYfly Revenue.

Miscellaneous Billing SKYfly M-Billing – the scalable solution for Miscellaneous Billing with proven modules for streamlining the process of non-transportation billing.

The range of SKY products are based on the IATA standards IATA NDC & ONE Order.

I give ISO-Gruppe a "1" for Customer Satisfaction. I am very satisfied: From the initial Request for Proposal through project implementation – and after 6 years of interacting with the ISO product and team – I can say it has been the most efficient, effective, productive and cooperative effort I have personally been involved with at Alaska Airlines. I would recommend ISO-Gruppe for any system implementation project within the scope of their product offerings.
Paul Addis

Senior Business Analyst, Alaska Airlines

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I sell flights more cost-effectively?
    NDC-based software solutions like SKYfly Sell can significantly reduce costs by eliminating GDS fees.
  • Is the NDC standard ONE Order ready for operation?
    NDC has been established in the industry since 2015 and corresponding software solutions are already being used by various airlines. ISO Software Systeme will put its SKYfly Res order management system into production in 2019. SKYfly Revenue is already ready for NDC and ONE Order.
  • Are the products of the SKY family also suitable for regional carriers?
    Our solutions are scalable and can be used by both international airlines and regional carriers.
  • We have a mixed business model of scheduled and charter flights – can we implement IATA compliant processes?
    IATA-compliant processes are possible for both flight offerings. ISO Software Systeme is a member of the IATA Orders Group and is working on new solutions that go far beyond traditional scheduled flights. SKYfly Revenue offers the processing of scheduled and charter services in one system - including charter accounting
  • What costs can I expect?
    With significantly lower costs than with traditional PSS and revenue accounting providers - contact us!