The Passenger Service System (PSS) from ISO

Our cloud-based flight inventory and reservation system is your solution for the future. Whether you are a scheduled carrier, virtual airline, charter airline, low-cost carrier, or any other form, SKYfly Res manages your flights. Create your routes, allotments, and prices fast, easy and effortless. With a simple yield management, you always have an overview of all the load factors and prices.

How SKYfly Res works

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SKYfly Res is a versatile and flexible PSS modularly designed to adapt to the specific needs of each airline. The functionality allows you to connect a variety of modules and external solutions to the central PSS.

Maintain and manage your flights, seats, and ancillaries in SKYfly Res. You can add additional services and products from any third-party provider as well, such as lounge access or parking, via an API connection.

Key Features from SKYfly Res

  • Fast setup
  • Easy configuration
  • Ticketless (ONE ORDER)
  • SITA connection
  • OTA connections
  • DCS system connections
  • Operations system connections
  • E-commerce platform

Your need – our solution

  1. Fast setup and easy operation of the solution
  2. Fast setup and easy operation of the solution
  3. Sell across all channels – keep your web offer, call center, and third-party offers in sync and enable all booking channels to sell your best product mix
  4. Stay in control of flights and always sell at the correct price – manage all sales channels with the best price and strategy
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Overview of core functions for airlines

SKYfly Res – the cloud-based flight inventory and reservation system

SKYfly Res is the layer between operations and your sales channels. It is the rules engine to manage your availabilities, prices, margins, discounts, additional prices, commissions, and more.
With our built-in yield management, you stay in control of your seat and always sell at the right price.
We connect you to any third-party vendor, your accounting system, credit card payment providers, airport DCS, loyalty programs, and more.

Via our supplier connectivity – travel:broker API, you can also add further services and products from any third-party provider, such as transfers, lounge access, or parking spaces.

With SKYfly Sell, our modular internet Booking Engine, you sell your flights B2C and B2B. With just a few clicks, your customers take off together with you. Together with our travel:up Video product for personalized & interactive video marketing, you enter new dimensions of self-sales.
In addition, you can make your flights available to your sales partners via NDC or our open SKYfly Broker API

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Our team of experts has gained immense knowledge in the travel and tourism industry as well as airlines by implementing scalable and successful customer-centric online booking engines, websites, and high-volume transactional e-commerce solutions.

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