Finance Leader Club

ISO Software Systeme

Schlosspark Mauerbach, Austria
19 June 2024 - 19 June 2024

The Finance Leader Club brings together specialists and managers from the financial sector to exchange ideas in One2One meetings.

On June 19, numerous representatives of the financial sector will meet again in the Schlosspark in Mauerbach. This year, we will not only be there as visitors, but will also be giving our own specialist presentation. Our topic:

“Cognitive AI unleashes potential: efficiency boost for your finances.”

Our expert Johannes Reichel will give you a deep insight into how cognitive AI works and how it can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your financial processes.

Discuss the emerging opportunities and challenges with us. Discover the future topics of the digital economy together with us:

  • Data Quality & Data Governance 
  • NIS2 and the Cyber Resilience Act

Improve your understanding of the growing importance of data quality and data governance in order to make better use of dormant data treasures - because data is your company's greatest asset!

Are you already “NIS2 ready”? We will also be happy to give you an overview of the new European regulations on the NIS2 Directive and the upcoming Cyber Resilience Act. Above all, what does this mean for your security strategy?

This information will help you prepare for the legal requirements that will soon come into force and strengthen your IT systems - for a robust, future-proof financial infrastructure.

Visit our presentation and get in touch with us – your next step towards more engagement and innovation.

We look forward to a lively exchange and inspiring dialog.